Dollar and Walker

Dollar and Walker are a guitar/vocal harmony duo from Roanoke, VA, performing folk, rock, country, show tunes,
classic covers and melodic originals.

Since meeting in 2009, Terry Dollar (vocals) and Randolph Walker (vocals, harmonica, guitar) have appeared on
WSLS TV's "Our Blue Ridge," WVTF Radio's monthly open house, Third Street Coffeehouse, Floyd Country Store,
and Studio Roanoke's acoustic lounge.

Music Videos
Our page on YouTube.

D&W have released one CD, "Dollar and Walker." Release date was June 1, 2011.

1. It's Not Love (Walker) 2:49 60s-style pop
2. White Dove (Sharon Feury, Walker) 3:59 Americana ballad
3. California Days (Walker) 2:14 70s folk rock
4. Love As Long As It Takes (Mike Pearrell) 3:26 Slow, jazzy pop ballad
5. Running Away (Ira Stern, Walker) 2:27 70s pop harmony
6. Down By The River (Rbt. Craig, Dollar) 3:02 Bluegrass gospel
7. Forgive Me (Dollar, Walker) 3:00 Acoustic ballad
8. I Was Meant To Love You (Walker) 3:33 Americana/folk
9. You Would Have Left Me (Walker) 4:36 Traditional country
10. Why Do I Have To Hide (Walker) 2:57 Baroque pop
11. Check Into Heaven (Walker) 2:46 Country gospel
12. I'm The Best Thing (Jim Galloway, Walker) 2:22 Comic show tune
13. Summertime (Gershwin, Heyward) 3:10 Bluesy version of standard
14. 21st Century Psalmist Views The Hubble Deep Field (Walker) 3:21 Poetry set to original music
15. Ready For The Wave (Walker) 2:38 Americana

Track notes by Randolph:

1. It's Not Love--I woke up one morning dreaming the entire chorus as you hear it here,
with melody, lyrics and backing vocals. Writing the verses took a lot more work.
2. White Dove--I heard the original version of this song performed by Roanoke songwriter
and guitar teacher Sharon Feury at 3rd St. Coffeehouse. With Sharon's permission I added a third verse and bridge.
3. California Days--I wrote the melody of this song when I was 16, growing up in Richmond,
and added the lyrics and bridge when I was 24.
4. Love As Long As It Takes--Great song by Roanoke songwriter Mike Pearrell. Could have been a "standard" in the Frank Sinatra era.
5. Running Away--I heard the original version of this song by Ira Stern and with Ira's permission added a bridge.
6. Down by the River--I heard the original version by Bedford County songwriter Robert Craig
at 3rd St. Coffeehouse. With Robert's permission, Terry added a third verse.
7. Forgive Me--First cowrite by Terry and me. Lyrics mostly by Terry.
8. I Was Meant To Love You--I wrote this about my girlfriend.
9. You Would Have Left Me--Inspired by a remark I overheard, "He would have left me, but he ran out of gas."
I fleshed out the rest of it into a country song.
10. Why Do I Have To Hide--Who I wrote this for, and when I wrote it, shall remain a mystery!
11. Check Into Heaven--probably D&W's most popular number.
12. I'm The Best Thing--Wrote this with my pal Jim Galloway. Jim and I used to do a public access comedy show.
13. Summertime--See D&W's video of this, shot at Glebe Hill Gardens in Daleville.
14. 21st Century Psalmist--Inspired by the poetry of the Old Testament, especially Isaiah and the Psalms,
I imagined how a modern day psalmist would respond to the Hubble Ultra Deep Field,
a photograph of a tiny area of the sky that shows an estimated 10,000 galaxies:
15. Ready For The Wave--A serious song about mortality and regret for things we haven't accomplished,
or fear we won't accomplish in life--winning the love of someone who's special to us, or writing the perfect song.

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